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16 08 2010

Loved the blog. I can feel and smell the places you describe.

16 08 2010
Ben Salmons

Thank you Sylvi, hope they don’t smell too bad!

21 09 2010

Hi, nice to meet you !

28 09 2010
Ben Salmons

Thank you, and you too. Hope you are enjoying the blog.

18 11 2011

loved your writing style and stories you say…following them now

19 11 2011
Ben Salmons

Thank you, hope you continue to enjoy.

5 09 2013

stumbled upon your blog on researching a visit to Koh Si Chang, have you been back again? Interested in accommodation options. Thanks. 🙂

5 09 2013
Ben Salmons

Yes but as it is only an hour from my house, I tend to go for day trips. I think the best thing is just to go there and check them out when you get there. There is plenty of basic accommodation at good prices but zilch in the luxury bracket.

5 09 2013

Many thanks for your reply, perhaps it’s just a matter of location / view then, basic accommodation suits me fine, if said basics are all working all the better! 😉 I was considering this place http://www.sripitsanu-sichang-resort.com views look good although I’ve no idea whether there are better places to be situated, it might just be an empty ocean view but maybe that’s fine! Cheers.

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